Datura Style Workshop: Pelvic Lock Study with Sahra

Datura Style™ Belly Dance Workshop: Pelvic Lock Study
Vitality Belly Dance and Wellness 4514 Liberty Avenue
October 14, 2018 2:00 PM – 4:00PM
$30(plus PayPal fees) / $35 at the door


Enjoy a fun filled Datura Style® Belly Dance Workshop. Datura Style™ Belly Dance is Rachel Brice’s approach to fusion style belly dance. You’ll learn the Pelvic Lock Study focusing on pelvic lock isolations front and back, foot patterns, and combinations such as the shuffle step featuring a pelvic roll and pony kick! This study is set to an exciting 9/8 rhythm!!! Finger cymbals may be used. You can download the music ahead of time here: https://radiolaria.bandcamp.com/track/pelvic-lock-study-with-zils
This is a fast moving workshop covering a lot of ground. No refunds unless workshop is canceled by instructor. For more information on Rachel Brice’s Datura Style Belly Dance http://www.rachelbrice.com/what-is-datura-style/http://www.rachelbrice.com/list-of-datura-style-teachers/

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